Prepare for military abuses with Duterte’s all-out war

Information Bureau | Communist Party of the Philippines
Press Release | February 9, 2016

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today called on the Filipino people to prepare against the Duterte regime’s all-out war and the massive human and civil rights violations that it is sure to be perpetrated with increasing impunity by the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“His record speaks for himself,” the CPP stated, referring to Duterte’s criminal Oplan Tokhang which has claimed more than 7,000 victims to date. For months now, he has threatened to suspend the writ of habeas corpus and impose martial law-style rule to suppress political opposition. “We must be ready to vigorously oppose any and all attempts to realize these threats,” the CPP said.

“He is bound to set his fascist dogs in the AFP against activists and civilians, especially in the areas where the people are actively waging land reform struggles and resistance against foreign mining companies and plantations,” added the CPP.

“In his desperate and vindictive attempt to score against the revolutionary movement, he has already targeted aboveground NDFP consultants.”

The CPP condemned the “Oplan Tokhang”-style killing of Glenn Ramos, 40, last Monday in Barangay Maa, Davao City by military and police operatives. The AFP accuses Ramos of being an NPA member. The military claims they were serving a warrant for Ramos’ arrest when a firefight broke out after he supposedly “refused to submit himself and drew a weapon.” Ramos died after sustaining two gunshot wounds.
“The entire AFP story is dubious and sounds like all the ‘nanlaban’ stories of the PNP of the past few months,” said the CPP.

“People’s organizations and all democratic sectors both in the cities and in the countryside should unite to protest military presence and abuses,” the CPP says. “They must tighten security measures and get ready to defend human and civil rights against state violence that is bound to escalate.”

“The people’s army, the NPA, will be at the people’s side to punish the AFP’s fascist troops at every available opportunity.”

“Defeating the NPA is a Duterte pipedream,” the CPP added. “Other regimes before him have tried and failed. The NPA is ever ready to face his wild dogs in the AFP in battle.”

“Duterte is more and more isolating himself,” the CPP says, stating he has antagonized all sectors that have been supportive of the peace process. “Not for long, he will only have the AFP’s fascist dogs for company.”