Marcos Jr. won’t allow US to use bases for ‘offensive actions’

How would you know? Filipinos aren’t even allowed to step foot on EDCA sites! As if magpapaalam sila!

Malacañang justifies 1,095% increase in 2022 travel expenses: admin wants better ties abroad

Better ties abroad? More like Marcos family world tour to repair family image! Sanaol may travel budget diba?

P125M OVP confidential funds were spent in just 11 days, not 19

Kudos to Sara for spending it much faster than we thought! LOL

Communist insurgency to end during Bongbong Marcos’ term, says Año

Año should worry more about whether Bongbong can finish his term before he gets ousted!

Vice President Sara: Good governance key to ending communist insurgency

Cut the crap and explain how you spent P125 million confidential funds in just 11 days! Good governance? Ask the NTF-Elcac where the monies for ‘barangay development’ went. Now we know why communist insurgency continues. No good governance!

Sara had 433 security escorts in 2022 – COA

Sounds like a private army using public funds. Duterte Death Squad anyone?

Marcos Jr in Singapore to celebrate birthday

Careful Bongbong. Singapore has tough laws on drugs! Ask Rodrigo Duterte.

Marcoses donated 1$M to Harvard University for Filipino language course

If Harvard really sees the importance of including the teaching of Filipino in its curriculum, why do Filipinos need to fund it? Why should the money come from us, from a poor country to the richest university in the world?…the funds came directly from the thief’s family…

martial law survivors and academics

Almost 200 students in Bohol ‘possessed’ by evil spirits

Something for Halloween? The DepEd itself is possessed by an evil spirit!

DICT: We need P300 million secret funds vs scammers

The CIFs of BBM and Sara are available. Speaking of scammers, the DICT is strongly advised to look into the COMELEC.

‘We felt betrayed, hoodwinked,’ NTF-Elcac says after 2 activists’ bombshell revelation

How’s that for a taste of your own medicine? NTF-Elcac: betraying and hoodwinking the Filipino people since 2018.