News: Peace talks with CPP-NPA-NDFP a restart, not a resumption – Galvez
>Restart, you say? Address the stumbling blocks to peace that GRP created in the first place!

News: Marcos administration determined to sustain the gains of peace – Peace Adviser
>Then why are you calling for a restart? Ano ba talaga, kuya!? 🙄

News: Sara Duterte says resuming peace talks is an agreement with the devil
>Says the angel? 🤡 🤡

News: Detained SMNI anchors Badoy, Celiz go on hunger strike
>Must be tough, considering their usual diet consists of misinformation and baseless accusations.

News: Security officials tell senators: Philippines in safe hands (in the wake of recent Marawi bombing)
>Which safe hands? US imperialists? Corrupt bureaucrat capitalists? Fascists AFP and PNP?

News: Marcos offers amnesty to rebels
>Amnesty offer? More like a blanket offer to surrender.

News: Marcos has Covid for third time
>Foreign junkets will continue, no matter!

News: Sara appealing to DOJ: Don’t cooperate with ICC
>That’s one way to play hide and seek with international justice. Maybe next we’ll see a ‘Don’t Disturb, War Criminals at Work’ sign on the presidential door.

News: Senator Bong Go wants to bolster NTF-ELCAC, rebel returnees programs; Go said that he has been a witness to the root causes of rebellion in the Philippines
>In what multiverse is bolstering NTF-ELCAC and rebel returnees program supposed to address the root causes of armed conflict? How about implementing genuine land reform and developing our national industries instead?

News: Filipino students lag in learning by 5 years
>DepEd bureaucrats led by Sara, lag in learning by a century!

News: Imee Marcos backs VP Duterte’s sentiments over peace talks
>Hawks of the same feather, flock together.

News: Philippines’ Marcos relinquishes agriculture post as prices soar
>Good riddance!

News: Heavy traffic? Marcos advisor calls it sign of ‘booming’ economy
>That’s a stretch longer than the EDSA traffic jam! If traffic congestion were a measure of prosperity, our economy would be a five-star destination.