Philippine government sent assassins to The Netherlands to kill Jose Maria Sison

Assassination by hired killers failed twice

The Philippine government sent hired killers to The Netherlands
to kill the Communist Sison; details are coming out now

(Unofficial translation from the original in Dutch)

in, 30 May 2008, pp. 10-11

The Hague. They stayed in the Amsterdam budget tourist hotel Tourist Inn at the Spui [downtown Amsterdam], the members of the Filipino ‘hit team’ which came to The Netherlands in October 1999 in order to perpetrate a political murder. Their target was Jose Maria Sison, the rather elder Filipino Communist leader who has resided in Utrecht as an exile since 1987. Two men, with several thousand dollars cash and travelers checks. They had landed in Frankfurt and travelled by train to Amsterdam. There they bought two prepaid mobile cards and rented a car at Avis.

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