PFLP salutes Communist Party of the Philippines on 47th anniversary of refoundation

On behalf of our General Secretary, Ahmad Sa’adat, our Deputy General Secretary, Abu Ahmad Fuad, and all comrades and members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, we salute the Communist Party of the Philippines and all of its leaders, cadres and members, and the fighters of the New People’s Army, on the 47th anniversary of the refoundation of the CPP.

The Communist Party of the Philippines has always been firmly grounded in confronting and expelling imperialism, feudalism, bureaucrat-capitalism and dictatorship, and in serving the people of the Philippines in a revolutionary struggle for liberation.

You have always been firm allies of the Palestinian revolution, and our people’s resistance to Zionism and imperialism in Palestine and our Arab homeland. Together, we march and struggle on the road of liberation and true justice. Together, the people of Palestine and the Philippines stand together in confrontation of our common enemies and oppressors, to defeat imperialism and its plunder of our lands and peoples, and to achieve victory for the workers, peasants and popular classes.

Just as we join together in the struggle against imperialism, our parties are labeled as “terrorists” by the very same imperialist powers that have devastated our lands, oppressed and displaced our peoples, and stolen our resources. Together, we know that the real leading perpetrators of terror in the world are U.S. imperialism, Zionism and their puppets. Resistance is not terror – it is the struggle for liberation, in which a new society and a new world is being born.

We look forward to continuing to strengthen our common ties and struggle. Our comradely relationship has grown in the past year and has only developed further through the visit of our Comrade Leila Khaled to the Philippines, where she encountered popular and mass movements and revolutionary struggle akin to our own. We look forward to continuing to develop our close relationship of comradeship and struggle.

Victory for the people, for the Palestinian Revolution and for the Philippine Revolution, and the defeat of imperialism, Zionism and oppression, is inevitable through struggle.