Parlade’s red-tagging earned him and the Duterte regime vomit and excreta

Press Statement, 26 October 2020

Whenever officials of the Duterte regime, specifically its NTF-ELCAC (National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict), spew poison and red-tagging, they draw more and more enemies and put the Duterte regime into further isolation.

Antonio Parlade’s latest tirades and red-tagging of a young popular actress who was merely advocating “a better future for our children”, earned him and Duterte’s criminal regime unprecedented vomit and excreta from an overwhelming cross section of society, and international condemnation.

Obviously desperate to justify the billions of taxpayers’ money that the NTF-ELCAC, AFP and PNP have received to demonize human rights defenders, dissenters to and critics of the Duterte regime, and after being denied access by Facebook more than a hundred of their fake and troll accounts, Parlade has taken the lead in red-tagging anyone who expresses dissent to the fascist Duterte regime, and anyone who engages with those organizations they have already red-tagged. He went forum-shopping by red-tagging and threatening popular personalities to gain media attention.

But it is not surprising where Parlade and his terror-monger clique are coming from. They were indocrinated and trained by US imperialism’s war institutions, which mentors its students, like Parlade, in the art of waging a dirty war that tramples upon constitutional and civil rights and international laws. This dirty war is being waged against the Filipino people who have been waging a just revolutionary war to achieve freedom, democracy, justice and peace – ideals that are an abomination to this dirty war.

This dirty war and fascist mindset have been brought against anyone demanding genuine social change – in the countryside among peasants, farmers and indigenous people, and in the cities among the workers, professionals, middle classes, youth and students, women, children, church people and institutions, and now even cultural artists, movie personalities and even beauty queens who have used their prestige to speak out their minds about what they perceived to be anomalous in Philippine society.

Parlade’s fascist mindset and dirty war have killed countless unarmed, powerless and oppressed people, have falsely accused, red-tagged and unjustly imprisoned activists, progressives, liberals, the political opposition, mass murdered poor drug suspects, and distracts attention from the criminal corruption of Dutere and his favored military officials, blatant anti-people political, economic and social policies of the war criminal Duterte regime.

This fascist mindset and dirty war have killed Ninoy Aquino, then, and Baby River, now.#

Ma. Lourdes Barros, NDFP International Information Office