Open letter to Williamor Magbanua

Commander, Valentin Palamine Command
Regional Operational Command
New People's Army – Far South Mindanao Region

This is in connection with a news item which appeared in Mindanews on 28 April 2010 entitled "North Cot Reporter Gets Death Threats". The Valentin Palamine Regional Operations Command of the New People's Army, operating in Far South Mindanao region, categorically states that it has not sent any death threat to anyone, much less to a Williamor Magbanua as purported in the said article.

May we reassure Mr. Magbanua that, as a matter of policy, and as track record shows, the NPA does not send death threats, not even to those who have been found guilty by the Hukumang Bayan (People's Court). The NPA through its Eight Points of Attention strictly follows the rules and regulations on the proper conduct towards civilians, including Mr. Magbanua. Iron discipline is a must for the people's army.

The NPA also abides by the legal and judicial processes of the People's Democratic Government and in conjunction with international humanitarian laws and the Geneva Convention.

Mr. Magbanua would be well advised to look closely into the "dirty tricks" department of the intelligence units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines for those "suspicious-looking motorcycle-riding men" who reportedly were tailing him. Everybody knows this is a familiar modus operandi of the US-Arroyo regime's death squads which, to date, have victimized more than a thousand innocent civilians, including journalists like George and Maricel Vigo of North Cotabato. But then, as the information officer of Cong. Bernardo Piñol, Mr. Magbanua surely must be aware of these realities.