Open letter to the wives of POWs 1st Lt. Vicente P. Cammayo and PO3 Eduardo Tumol

Mrs. Mariel Cammayo and Mrs. Ma. Luisa Tumol (wives of POW 1st Lt. Vicente P. Cammayo of the Special Forces Battalion-AFP and POW P03 Eduardo Tumol of the Police Mobile Group-PNP)

Dear Mrs. Cammayo and Mrs. Tumol,

Warm revolutionary greetings.

I understand the anguish that you are now going through. It has never been the practice of the New People's Army to deliberately cause suffering on civilians. To this, we commiserate with you.

The only comfort that I can give you is to reiterate the assurance that we are taking good care of your husbands. We have gone beyond what is required by the Geneva Conventions as lenient treatment for soldiers who surrender and are taken as Prisoners of War. Certainly, the hospitality that we can offer is very basic and unlike the comfort that your husbands have been used to. But they eat more than what we eat. They sleep more comfortably than we do. They have not been subjected to any kind of physical or psychological torture. Most of all, their safety, security and welfare are our primary concern.

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