On the lies of the AFP, Tiglao, and Samonte

Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant

Rigoberto  Tiglao and Mauro Gia Samonte of the Manila Times are so persistent in  fabricating lies against the  Ninoy Aquino and the CPP that many people  ask whether they are paid not only by the Manila Times and the  Macapagal-Arroyo interest group but also by US and Philippine  intelligence agencies and by the Duterte and Marcos interest groups.  Others claim that Tiglao and Samonte deliberately make their lies so  brazen and obvious to caricature the position of their paymasters and  actually favor the CPP and the memory of Ninoy Aquino who was persecuted  and martyred in the course of fighting the Marcos fascist dictatorship.  Most people think that Tiglao and Samonte are hacks and low-life  entrepreneurs who try to benefit from as many paymasters as possible.###

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