On the DOJ’s Human Rights Summit

Marco Valbuena | Chief Information Officer | Communist Party of the Philippines December 07, 2020

Kasukasuka at kasuklam-suklam.

The DOJ’s so-called “Human Rights Summit” is a big farce. It is a gross mockery of human rights. It is a disgusting attempt to artificially dress up the Duterte regime’s gross record of extrajudicial killings and political repression. It is a desperate attempt to repair the Duterte regime’s image of an international outcast.

It is obscene that the DOJ is leading this summit when it itself is an instrument of tyranny. It is in no position to lead discussions of defending human rights when Duterte, the head of state himself, has repeatedly expressed contempt for human rights. Just recently, he declared before the police: “I say to the human rights, I don’t give a shit with you (sic).”

It is lamentable that the UNHRC has allowed itself to be dragged into this charade. We trust that the international stalwarts of human rights will continue to stand for the Filipino people in their fight against the Duterte regime’s reign of terror.#