On election by pre-programming and other matters related to Aquino

Chief Political Consultant
NDFP Negotiating Panel

I believe that the new reactionary regime headed by Noynoy Aquino is mendaciously and immorally founded on at least three things: first, false election through pre-programming by the foreign-controlled automated electoral system without the required safeguards; second, his false promise of eradicating corruption without doing away with the systemic collaboration of the foreign monopoly capitalists and the local big comprador-landlords like him; and third, his false promise to hold Gloria M. Arroyo accountable for crimes of corruption and human rights violations.

The automated electoral system was characterized by anomalies and fraud. These were enabled by the foreign control of Smartmatic that is offensive to any sense of national sovereignty, the discarding of the system’s security safeguards and the super-quick secretive reconfiguration and replacement of 76,000 memory cards in a few days before the election, without any impartial entity observing.

My informant regarding the conversation between Gloria M. Arroyo and Pinky Aquino-Abellada to pave the way for the meeting of high representatives of the US Central Intelligence Agency, Aquino family and the Arroyo regime is willing to come out in the open and reveal the time and place of the Pinky-Gloria meeting in due time after making provisions for the safety of his family.

Consequent to the reaction of Pinky Aquino-Abellada, wife of Manolo Abellada, the chief executive officer of the Philippine Multi-Media Systems, Inc., to my interview with Pinoy Weekly, I urged my informant to come out into the open immediately, despite his previous precondition on me that I should not reveal or indicate his identity.

The informant reminded me of the serious risks to him from the three powerful forces involved in the manipulation of the automated electoral system and he said, “I do not want myself and my family to suffer the same fate of Gregan Cardeño and Philippine Army Captain Javier Ignacio, who had gotten entangled in high security operations of the US government in the Philippines.”

My informant has actually given me much more information than what I have said in my interview with Pinoy Weekly. But in the meantime, I am obliged to respect the wish of my informant to secure the safety of his family before coming out into the open.

I am told by some people that Noynoy Aquino is not interested in the resumption of peace negotiations between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) because he is under orders of the US to pursue its so-called counterinsurgency plan and because he has a vindictive character as shown in the Hacienda Luisita massacre and subsequent killings in Tarlac.

But there are certain probable reasons for Noynoy Aquino to be interested in peace negotiations. These are the ever worsening crisis of the domestic ruling system and the world capitalist system, the intensification of people's war, and the rise of the mass movement. In this regard, the NDFP has announced its willingness to resume peace negotiations.

In such negotiations, the NDFP can regard Noynoy Aquino as the de facto president of the GRP even as his regime in particular is immorally founded on lies, and like the previous Arroyo regime is hell-bent on using both military force and certain deceptive tactics in a futile attempt to destroy, coopt or render the revolutionary movement inconsequential. History teaches us that Mao Zedong could negotiate with Chiang Kai-shek and even agree with him on truce and alliance in the interest of the people.