On Duterte’s betrayal of the people in his campaigns of mass murder

Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Politcal Consultant

With Alyx Arumpac the brilliant film-maker of Aswang at the International Film Festival in Amsterdam. The film is highly significant in exposing the fact that the Duterte “war on drugs” is a monstrous campaign of mass murder against the poor and is aimed not really at solving the drug problem but at realizing the monopoly of the drug smuggling and the illegal drug trade by the Duterte drug syndicate in collaboration with Chinese criminal triads.


The tyrannical Duterte regime has engaged in several kinds of betrayal of the Filipino people in connection with the bogus war on drugs. The line is peddled that the way to solve such a social and medical problem as the drug problem is to commit the far worse crime of murdering tens of thousands of people. By making the police complicit in mass murder with impunity and cash rewards, the criminal genius Duterte has converted the police to his private army beholden to him for licensing their crimes and giving to them cash rewards and promotions.

The betrayal of the people by Duterte does not end with criminalizing and corrupting the police and not even with realizing the Duterte monopoly of the illegal drug trade and flooding the country with more illegal drugs. But the mass murder is turned into a weapon of mass intimidation. It serves notice to the entire people and all possible critics or opposition that here is a strong man above the law who is capable of killing anyone and any large number of people who dare to criticize or oppose him. That’s why he has proudly hyped the slogan: Kill, kill, kill!

Duterte is also working frenziedly to extend his betrayal of the people by applying the murderous methods of Oplan Tokhang to the military campaigns of suppression against the revolutionary movement of the people as well as against the broad range of opposition that is now developing in the urban areas. Duterte’s law of state terrorism is a license for him and his armed minions to engage in the mass arrest, mass murder of disposession of all individuals and organizations opposed to his reign of terror and greed.###