NPA successfully raids 58th IB troops in Gingoog City

Media Statement
July 12, 2015

The New People’s Army – North Central Mindanao Regional Command extends Red congratulations to Red commanders and fighters of the NPA under Eastern Misamis Oriental-Northeastern Bukidnon (NPA-EMONEB) Sub-regional Command in its successful raid against COPD troops of the 58th Infantry Battalion camped in the barangay hall of Alagatan, Gingoog City in July 11, 2015, around 5:30 PM. The reactionary troops suffered eight casualties and one of them was captured and held as prisoner of war (POW) while the NPA seized two high-power firearms and other military equipment.

The NPA guerilla platoon attacked more or less 10 soldiers of the Bravo Company of the 58th IB, under the command of 1st Lt. Valiente Palomino, who were launching psywar and intelligence operations in Brgy. Alagatan. The reactionary soldiers were playing basketball in the village center when they were raided by the NPA. A firefight then ensued for the next 20 minutes. One soldier was killed while seven others were wounded while a Red fighter suffered a minor wound. The NPA seized a K3 light machine gun, an M203 grenade launcher, two ammo vests, three machine gun ammo links, 12 40mm ammunitions and two military packs. The NPA made a fast and organized withdrawal, bringing the seized equipment and the captured soldier.

The NPA is now holding in custody, as prisoner of war, Pfc. Adonis Jess Maghanoy Lupeba (serial number: 863573), 26 y/o, married and a resident of Iponan, Cagayan de Oro City. The NPA custodial unit ensures the humanitarian treatment of Pfc. Lupeba as a POW and in accordance to the rules of engagement, the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and the International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL), and the three rule and eight points of discipline of the NPA regarding the humanitarian treatment of prisoners of war. As with the case of the two POWs last year, we are prepared to forgo the normal processes of investigation and revolutionary judicial process as a gesture of goodwill and the revolutionary movement’s sincerity in seeking the resumption of peace talks with the Aquino government. We assure the family of Lupeba and the general public that he is in being treated well and will be able to return as soon as conditions allow his safe and orderly release. We will release further advisories from time to time.

On the other hand, we regret the involvement of two civilians who were wounded in the firefight—Helen Mae Helodo, 14 y/o, and Leticia Cabrera. NPA medics gave Cabrera first aid before she was brought to the hospital. The two are now reportedly out of danger. As soon as possible, we will extend financial aid two aid their medication.

Meanwhile, we remind the people of the necessity of strongly resisting and condemning the illegal camping of AFP personnel amidst the civilian population. By camping inside the barangay hall of Alagatan, the COPD unit of the 58th IB violates CARHRIHL and puts in danger the lives of civilians whom they have used as human shields against the NPA.

Once again, we salute NPA-EMONEB for a successful tactical offensive against the 58th IB and we thank all the people who helped and inspired this action. With the firm unity of the NPA with the oppressed and exploited people, and with the guidance of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the US-Aquino regime’s Oplan Bayanihan is clearly being frustrated and the revolutionary movement will surely advance further and achieve more victories in the national democratic revolution with a socialist perspective.


Ka Allan Juanito
New People’s Army
North Central Mindanao Regional Command