NPA statement on POW Cpl. Dalem Amsali Hadjaie

CHC-NPA to 10th ID-EastMinCom: Abort "rescue operations" for possible early and safe release of prisoner of war

Spokesman, Conrado Heredia Command
Front 20 Operations Command
New People's Army-Southern Mindanao

The New People's Army in Southern Mindanao calls on the 10th Infantry Division of the Eastern Mindanao Command to abort its so-called rescue operations for the NPA prisoner of war (POW) to pave the way for his possible safe and orderly release. Experience has shown that none of these so-called rescue missions has ever succeeded in the past and could only endanger the lives of prisoners of war.

POW Cpl. Daiem Amsali Hadjaie (Serial No. 813144) is undergoing investigation by revolutionary authorities for possible crimes he might have committed against the people and the revolutionary movement during his service under the GRP's Armed Forces of the Philippines. He is under the custody of the NPA's Conrado Heredia Command-Front 20 Operations Command.

POW Hadjaie, a member of the 25th Infantry Battalion Charlie Company, was arrested in a mobile checkpoint mounted by the Red fighters along Sitio Mabatas, Upper Ulip, Monkayo, Compostela Valley province at around 8:00 AM last November 16.

The unit he is under — the 25th IB-10th ID-EastMinCom — has been committing serious violations of human rights directed mainly at the peasant populace in the hinterland. This military unit is guilty of falsely accusing and detaining 13 civilians, including two minors, in Monkayo town as NPA members or supporters. They were illegally arrested and put under physical and psychological torture.

In a bid to protect big foreign and local mining companies that are greedily plundering the mineral resources of the gold-rich Mt. Diwata range, this military unit has subjected civilians to harassment and intimidation. By serving as Investment Defense Force, the 25th IB-10th ID-EastMinCom has put the lives and livelihood of peasants and small-scale miners in danger. The 25th IB-AFP's crimes against the people and the revolutionary movement have made them targets of the NPA's tactical offensives.

With POW Hadjaie's captivity, the NPA assures his family that he is safe and well. He is being treated humanely, and his rights are fully respected as a prisoner of war in accordance with the International Humanitarian Law and Geneva Conventions. The NPA fully respects as well POW Hadjaie's religious beliefs. The NPA has provided POW Hadjaie the necessary health, medical care and other basic necessities under the prevailing guerilla conditions of his captivity.

The NPA reiterates that any "military rescue operations" will only delay the investigation on POW Hadjaie, prolong his captivity and derail the possible reunion with his family.