NPA punishes military intelligence agent in Eastern Samar

Spokesperson, NPA Eastern Samar (Sergio Lobina Command)

The Sergio Lobina Command of the New People’s Army in Eastern Samar said today that its special operations group had punished on 22 October Urbano “Pater” Barbo, a military intelligence agent and former councilor of Balangkayan town in the province. “NPA operatives succeeded in punishing Urbano Barbo in a cockfight arena in Maydolong, Eastern Samar,” said SLC spokesperson Ka Rubio Manggubat. “The NPA confirmed that Barbo was working for the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Thus, he was a legitimate target for offensive action according to the laws of war. The Red fighters also confiscated a .45 caliber pistol from Barbo.”

Manggubat added that Barbo also headed a criminal gang engaged in extortion and other crimes.

“In the 2010 elections, Barbo’s gang was involved in an extortion racket throughout Eastern Samar. They claimed to be from the NPA and demanded money from candidates in the elections.The military was aware of Barbo’s crimes but condoned him because his nefarious activities served as black propaganda against the NPA.

“Aside from the punishment of an enemy spy, the people therefore also rejoice at the downfall of a criminal mastermind preying on them.”