NPA launches tactical offensive against abusive enemy troops in Calinan, Davao City

Spokesperson, 1st Pulang Bagani Battalion
NPA Southern Mindanao Regional Command

The 1st Pulang Bagani Battalion of the New People’s Army raided an oversized platoon of the 69th Infantry Battalion, 84th Infantry Battalion and 71st Infantry Battalion of the 701st Brigade, 10th Infantry Division, Philippine Army, in Sitio Isled, Barangay Dalagdag, Calinan, on 6 May 2015 at 9:00am, killing four enemy troops and wounding eight other soldiers.

Courageous Red fighters prevailed over the fascist troops after the two-hour gun fight. Seized from the Armed Forces of the Philippines were one M203 grenade launcher, one automatic rifle, one M16 rifle, 400 pieces of M60 ammunition, 200 pieces of K3 ammunition, eight pieces of army pack, five pairs of army boots, 34 pieces magazine, 10 pieces military vest, various documents, operational map, android tablets and cellphones.

The tactical offensive proved that a just war will always prevail in the face of the enemy’s cunning and trickery. It was part of the 1st Pulang Bagani Battalion’s campaign against the 15 columns of AFP units operating in Calinan, Buhangin and Paquibato districts in Davao City. It was a fitting punishment against the brutal operations of the _Oplan Bayanihan_ counter-revolutionary forces who have instigated aerial bombing on 23 and 26 March, and in a separate occasion in April in Paquibato.

True to their cruel form, the AFP troops trained their guns against the masses in cowardly vengeance. They mauled the residents and filed trumped-up charges against progressive leaders and members of Paquibato peasant organizations who were not deceived by their nefarious psychological warfare schemes.

As enemies of the people who only protect the interests of the ruling classes, the 69th and 84th Infantry Battalion troops deserve the fury of the masses and thus remain legitimate targets of the people’s army. They only clear the way to pursue landgrabbing, set off discord among Lumads and peasants, and promote abject underdevelopment of hinterland villages.

When Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte urged an end in the armed conflict following the Calinan raid, it is in recognition of the AFP and the US-Aquino regime’s stubborn persistence in wasting precious people’s money for its counter-revolutionary war without ever getting the support of the people. Costly concentration and huge deployment of fascist troops in the Davao hinterlands have not stifled the people’s resistance at all, but have only intensified the agitation of the revolutionary forces to persevere and raise the level of struggle.

No matter how the 10th Infantry Division, Eastern Mindanao Command, tries to conceal it by declaring Paquibato as “peace and development-ready”, Red fighters raise the banner of enduring sacrifice by launching tactical offensives and daring counter-attacks against the enemy. The people’s army, thus, urge foot soldiers and AFP junior officers to abandon their headquarters and detachments, denounce the US-Aquino regime, and side with truth and justice for the interest of peasants, workers and other basic sectors.