NPA joint operations vs PNP-AFP troops in Davao Oriental yield 12 rifles, 10 casualties

Spokesperson, NPA-Southern Mindanao Regional Command

Red fighters in a joint tactical command under the New People’s Army‘s 3rd Pulang Bagani Company, Front 15 Operations Command, and 8th Pulang Bagani Company, and with the help of the revolutionary masses, delivered fresh blows against the 67th Infantry Battalion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the fascist rule of Governor Corazon Malanyaon on 22 May 2015, in two separate ambuscades in Davao Oriental.

The 3rd PBC and the Front 15 Operations Command attacked the 3rd Platoon Public Safety Company of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Patrol Base in Barangay (village) Bangol, Taragona, Davao Oriental. One PNP element was killed and five others were wounded. The NPA seized from them two M203 rifles, three M16 rifles, two M14 rifles, four pieces of 9mm handgun, and several military packs.

The attack, which occurred between 4:00am to 7:00am, was directed against the abusive PNP detachment which served as protector of, and collector of largesse for, the corrupt Gov. Malanyaon from a nearby developing gold rush area.

Almost simultaneously, in Barangay Kasunugan, Baganga, Davao Oriental, the 8th PBC ambushed a 14-man PDOP (peace and development outreach program) psychological warfare squad of the 67th Infantry Battalion. Three fascist soldiers were killed, one was wounded. During the short battle at 8:00am of 22 May, the NPA took possession of the enemy’s one Colt M16 rifle, one pack bag, and two cellphones.

The two ambushes are glaring testament to the superiority of guerilla warfare amid intensive enemy offensives in the region. The NPA attacks are conspicuous actions that further debunk the military and Gov. Malanyaon’s claim that Davao Oriental is already rid of the NPA. The NPA offensives also give justice to victims of Typhoon Pablo (international name: Bopha, December 2012) who suffered gravely from militarization, gross negligence and denial of typhoon assistance funds by Malanyaon’s camp.

Since the start of the first quarter of this year, the people’s army and revolutionary forces launched several tactical offensives against the 701st Brigade of the 10th Infantry Division-Eastern Mindanao Command, to wit: 

  1. Attack against Mati city Police station
  2. A km450 military vehicle was hit by the NPA’s command detonated explosive on 7 April 2015 at 2:00am, in sitio Palina, Barangay Binondo, Baganga. There were undetermined number of casualties.
  3. Five military trucks in convoy were hit by the command detonated explosives near the 67th Infantry Battalion headquarters on 24 April at 1:00am
  4. On 8 May 2015, the NPA encountered the 67th IB elements and CAFGU paramilitary forces, and killed one CAFGU and two soldiers at Uwabangon patrol base.
  5. On 10 May, NPA ambush against Scout Rangers battalion test mission in Paglascon, Kasunugan, Mahanob, Baganga. Five were killed and two soldiers were wounded.
  6. On 19 May, an ambush through a command detonated explosive in Kamansi, Aliwagwag, Cateel, hit the car of the PNP chief

The tactical offensives were justified and legitimate punishment by the masses and revolutionary forces already fed up by Gov. Malanyaon and the AFP’s abuses. It is a slap on the face against the 67th Infantry Battalion which is blustering under the title of being the best battalion, and the 701st Brigade which is flaunting as the best brigade for allegedly having implemented successfully the Oplan Bayanihan program in the province.

In real terms, the military imposed a reign of brutal terror and psychological warfare to suppress the masses who fiercely struggled against the injustice brought about by Typhoon Pablo. The experience of 30 families from sitio Patong, Barangay Kasunugan, Baganga, is a blatant example of such repression. They were dislocated from their farms since last year and were threatened when they attempted to return to their farms. The military destroyed their rice and corn farms by defecating on the precious crops and throwing away their seedlings. Some of their leaders were forced to wear military uniforms to scare other residents. They were also filed with trumped up charges as NPA members on suspicion that they bought rice and food for the Red fighters.

AFP EastMinCom’s Chief Gen. Baladad  and 10th Infantry Division Chief Gen. Ano aim for more medals and accolades by imposing poverty and oppression on the masses. Their target is more imagined than real. Their objective of decimating the NPA is far from being achieved because the NPA has thwarted Oplan Bayanihan by persevering against enemy suppression and launching sustained tactical offensives in many parts of the region.

Meanwhile, local government unit heads like Gov. Malanyaon of Davao Oriental serve as criminal reactionaries who, time and again, face the wrath of the masses for their neglect and plunder of people’s money. The revolutionary forces are ever stronger to escalate the people’s war and punish Malanyaon and her minions and the AFP in order to attain justice and pursue genuine development.