New People’s Army condemns use of civilians and minors in Gloria Arroyo’s “counter-insurgency” war

By Roger Mahinay Command
NPA Negros Island Southwest Front

The Roger Mahinay Command (RMC) of the New People's Army (NPA) in southern Negros Occidental in a statement deplored the use of civilian minors by the 61st IB Phil Army as their guides in military operations. The NPA also condemned the construction of detachments in the center of populated areas.

"Col. Leo Quenid of the 61st IB is like a broken record when he recently claimed that they have already accomplished 75% of their mission in eliminating the NPA in his AOR. The truth is the military committed a lot of human rights violations, defiled the Laws of War based on the Protocols of War and International Humanitarian Law," Ka Nilo Magtanggol of the RMC said.

Ka Magtanggol cited the case of the military's RSOT of using Barangay Halls and houses of civilians as their quarters and the construction of a detachment by the 12th IB in Brgy Cabadiangan, Sipalay City that is in the midst of a civilian population.

"Clearly it is the military who are using the civilians as human shield because they know that the NPA will not attack them if people's lives are at stake," Magtanggol said.

"The RSOT of the 61st IB are using minors like the kids of Boy Catipunan of Sitio Calagmacan, Brgy Camindangan, Sipalay City to act as their guides in military operations. Now they are even using children to act as their eyes and ears or local intel assets," Magtanggol pointed out.

"As consistent human rights violators the military has detained peasant leaders of Sityo Mana-uban, Brgy Linahon, Cauayan."

"It's amusing to see the military herding fake surrenderees and former NPAs and giving them huge amounts of money for their "Amnesty Program." Now they fear that many "opportunist people" will flock to the NPA so that they will also avail of cash incentives when they surrender," Ka Magtanggol added.

Ka Magtanggol also cited the modest achievements of the NPA and the revolutionary movement in southern Negros in the field of armed struggle like the defensive actions against military operations in Brgy Pinggot, Ilog that resulted to the deaths of 6 members of the 61st IB and an NPA, the incident in Laminyaw, Brgy San Jose Sipalay City that resulted to 4 KIA (killed in action)on the part of the 61st IB and no damage whatsoever to the Red guerrillas and the firefight in Sityo Mansuban-on Brgy Manlukahok, Sipalay City that resulted to one WIA (wounded in action) on the side of the NPA, 2 WIA and 2 KIA on the part of the 61st IB and the arrest of three women the military branded as "amazons." The NPA also harassed the headquarters of the B coy of the 61st IB at Sitio Barasbarasan, Brgy Manlukahok, Sipalay City at the end of November.

"It is also an SOP for the military to hide their KIAs and WIAs in the field to save faces and humiliation," Ka Magtanggol said.

"The NPA has also reiterated it's stand in consonance with the people's wishes against large scale foreign owned commercial mining corporations that have robbed the peasants of their lands and have destroyed the environment. This was the main reason why the NPA punished Philex Mining Corp. We are also against this eco-tourism projects that have dislocated thousands of families in the shorelines as in the case of Campomanes Bay project that is why we dis-armed the guards that were harassing the people.."

"Active military operatives and intelligence assets have also been punished while others were warned."

"The NPA will continue to expand and grow because the people nurture it as their own army. Under the correct leadership of the Communist Party the NPA, the revolutionary movement and Negrosanons have frustrated the fascist military campaign dubbed as Oplan Bantay Laya 2," Ka Magtanggol said.

"The masses in southern Negros together with their Red army, their revolutionary mass organizations, allies and friends will be staging mass gatherings in commemorating the glorious 40th year anniversary of the Communist Party. And unwanted guests like the 61st IB, 12th IB, PNP and their operatives will be dealt with accordingly if they mess up with the celebrations," Ka Magtanggol concluded.