NDFP renders highest tribute to Tanya Domingo, Ian Dorado, Kemberly Jul Luna and Ian Maderazo

Member, NDFP National Executive Committee

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) renders highest tribute to our young martyrs and heroes of the people: Tanya Domingo, Ian Dorado, Kemberly Jul Luna and Ian Maderazo. The NDFP conveys its deepest condolences to their families, their organizations, friends and classmates.

Tanya Domingo and Ian Dorado, Fine Arts students and cultural activists from the University of the Philippines were killed by soldiers of the fascist Arroyo regime on January 14 in Bulacan, Central Luzon. Ian Maderazo of the University of the Philippines – Los Banos, scholar and student leader, was slain on January 9 in Macalelon, Quezon in Southern Tagalog. Kemberly “Kimay” Jul Luna, student leader of Mindanao State University – Iligan Insitute of Technology was killed on December 15, 2009 in Valencia City, Bukidnon in Mindanao.

They integrated deeply with the oppressed and struggling masses, joined the revolutionary mass movement passionately crying out the demands of the masses, used their talents and energy to serve the people, and made the decision to become freedom fighters in the people's armed revolution.

In the long revolutionary tradition of the youth, from the time of Emilio Jacinto in the Katipunan, to the youth in the First Quarter Storm, our beloved young martyrs have blazed the path forward for the Filipino people's struggle for national and social liberation. Our young martyrs' deep commitment and fiery passion to fight for freedom and liberation inspires the youth and the entire people to raise the level of the revolutionary struggle ever higher.

We salute our young martyrs. We pay the highest honor to Tanya Domingo, Ian Dorado, Kimay Jul Luna and Ian Maderazo! Let their total commitment and service to the people and the revolution be a bright beacon of inspiration to the youth in the Philippines and all over the world!