NDFP – North-Eastern Mindanao Region salutes the Pulang Diwata Command

Spokesperson, NDFP – North-Eastern Mindanao Region

Red greetings to all the Red Fighters and Red Commanders in the different guerrilla units of the Pulang Diwata Command of the New People's Army in North-Eastern Mindanao Region. Today we celebrate the 41st anniversary of the founding of the NPA, the true soldiers of the people, in the entire country. Red salute to all of you.

The NPA in NEMR, as in the whole nation, has advanced and successfully defeated Oplan Bantay Laya 1 and 2, designed to destroy or weaken it by the US-GMA regime. In NEMR, not a single guerrilla front was destroyed by the 5 battalions of the Armed Forces of the Philippines which every now and then, launched large attacks in the 9 guerilla fronts in NEMR. Under the correct leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines-MLM, the guerrilla platoons correctly carried out the principles, strategies and tactics of war emerging victorious against OBL 1 and OBL2.

Let us also dedicate this day to salute and honor the revolutionary martyrs who gave their precious lives and contributed to the victories achieved by the revolution. Let us salute and honor Ka Jeky, Ka Max, Ka Aljoy, Ka Jr, Ka Roland, Ka Bembem and Ka Jury for their contributions to victories gained by which they gave their lives for. They are the martyrs of the revolution in the year 2009 in the month of March up to the present. Let us vow to continue the tasks they left until we achieve total victory.

The biggest victory of the NPA this year is the sanction against the SUDECOR logging company, where the NPA confiscated 17 high calibre arms and damaged machineries used to destroy the environment. The tactical offensives of the guerrilla platoons reached 80 incidents that yielded arms that could build a new guerrilla platoon. More or less 71 enemies were killed, not including those wounded and buried by mud during their military operations in the mountains of Pakwan, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur inside the same logging area last January 2010.

On the other hand, victories continue to be achieved in agrarian revolution (AgRev). Many agrarian problems have been resolved. More or less 43,394 peasant families benefitted from AgRev. 18,056 families now have land to farm inside the logging concessions which for some time deprived farmers from tilling land.

There are 10,998 peasant families which successfully decreased land rent and rent for farming tools. There are 6,250 families benefitting from the increased price of copra, abaca, banana, rattan and falcatta. More or less 5,369 families of farm workers and poor farmers successfully increased their wages. Usury rates in farms have started to decrease resulting to 1,321 farmers whose loan payments has lessened. There are 247 barangays (villages) covered in the different municipalities inside the guerrilla fronts.

There are more victories gained by the NPA under the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines-MLM. These are deeply rooted in the oppressed and exploited masses. Because of these the NPA continues to receive immense support from them.

OBL 1 and 2 failed to deter expansion and consolidation work in the villages. But we should improve the combination of the different tasks for us to achieve our programmed goals in the next 5 years. Increase the number of platoons for us to achieve the goal of 1 guerilla platoon for every municipality that would carry out the many tasks. More platoons, more enemies will perish and more arms to confiscate.

The NPA must master organizing and mobilizing the people in the different fields for the many tasks, to achieve bigger wins that would bring us to total victory of the Democratic People's Revolution and new democracy.

NPAs, become masters of many tasks!

Organize and mobilize the people by their thousands!

Long live the 41st Founding Anniversary of the New People's Army!