NDFP Consultant Roy Erecre’s statement after his release from detention

NDFP Consultant for Visayas
27 September 2014

My release from the Bohol District Jail (BDJ) through the court’s decision on 19 September 2014 makes me more effective in carrying out my responsibility as National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Consultant for the Visayas. I was illegally arrested in Davao City last 07 May 2014 along with an NDFP liaison for the peace talks.

My arrest and detention in the BDJ was a breach of the Joint Agreement on Security and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG). Under the framework of JASIG and the Peace Negotiations, I am not under the judicial system of the Government of the Philippines (GPH). The Revolutionary Government represented by the NDFP has its own judicial system. The statement of the Armed Forces of the Philippines CENTCOM Commanding General on 25 September that I will continually be put under monitoring after my release is also a breach of JASIG.

However, despite the trumped-up cases against me, I am thankful for the just and fair judgment of the involved Judges and Prosecutors. Of the six trumped up cases wherein four were non-bailable and two were bailable, two were dismissed and four were made bailable. I am also grateful to everyone who supported and helped me in addressing the cases, especially my lawyers and my children, in order to gain temporary freedom. The Free Roy Erecre & Free All Political Prisoners Movement raised my morale and courage amidst hardship.

Threats to my security continue because the GPH continually identify me as a high-profile and high-risk individual with a bounty of PhP5.6 million on my head. This is an impediment for me to safely participate in the Peace Talks and the Peace Negotiations. The anti-peace negotiations and fascist elements in the AFP, Philippine National Police and GPH plan to liquidate me and, in the minimum, return me to jail by fabricating criminal cases. They are the ones who are gravely angered because I gained freedom and can return to serving the people to continue realizing genuine change.

In this situation, it is not advisable for me to attend my hearings in court in Bohol, Cebu, and Negros, without enough assurances to my security. My lawyers are making proper actions to address my present cases.