NDFP congratulates SYRIZA

Member, NDFP National Executive Committee
NDFP Chief International Representative

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines conveys its heartfelt congratulations to SYRIZA for its historic and resounding electoral victory yesterday. Garnering 149 out of the 300 seats in the Greek Parliament, SYRIZA announced to its rejoicing supporters the end of six years of devastating austerity imposed by the Troika of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission. SYRIZA’s charismatic leader, AlexisTsipras, declared that dignity had been won by the Greek people by giving SYRIZA the resounding electoral victory.

Deeply integrated with the struggling Greek people during the massive pain and loss caused by the austerity measures which saw more than a quarter of the working people losing their jobs and millions living in poverty, SYRIZA voiced the basic aspirations and demands of the Greek people for independence and freedom to determine their own future.

Throwing away the yoke of austerity, SYRIZA has declared it will issue food and electricity coupons to 300,000 households, provide free medical care, and ensure that their homes will be protected from repossession. Tax on heating fuel will be scrapped. Furthermore, SYRIZA will see to it that the minimum salary will be raised from €580 to €751 per month, and a 13-month pension will be given to those whose salary is less than €700 per month.

The NDFP extends its warmest best wishes to SYRIZA and the Greek people for further great victories and success in the difficult tasks and challenges ahead. Their heroic struggle and victories provide strength and inspiration to other peoples who likewise struggle against the anti-people impositions of imperialist powers and their financial and other institutions.

The Filipino people, who are engaged in a 46-year-old struggle for national and social liberation against foreign and domestic exploiters and oppressors, stand in firm solidarity with the Greek people as they struggle for independence, dignity and freedom.