NDFP condemns US-Israeli genocidal war against the Palestinian people

By NDFP National Executive Committee

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) condemns in the strongest terms the US-Israel genocidal war against the Palestinian people. The death toll, injury, and destruction are mind-boggling: more than 1,800 Palestinians killed, including 404 children; 10,483 homes, 199 schools including UN schools, and 24 hospitals destroyed. This latest in a long series of massacres inflicted by the US-Israel colonial occupation forces is arousing the wrath and condemnation of peoples worldwide.

In the face of the ferocious and brutal Israeli attacks, supported by a yearly US$3 billion military aid and unqualified US political support, the heroic Palestinian people are raising their level of resistance. Despite the mounting casualties among the Palestinian people, those directly affected in the Gaza Strip continue their resistance. Heroic health workers and hospital staff risk life and limb to care for the wounded. Dozens of them have died.

Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and other areas of Occupied Palestine to condemn the US-Israeli genocidal attack in Gaza and militantly express their solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Gaza. .

In the course of the many decades of struggle against the Israeli occupation forces and continuing daily oppression, the heroic Palestinian fighters, under the most difficult conditions, have creatively raised their level and capacity to resist and fight the Israeli occupiers and invaders. Hence, since the Israeli bombardment and ground invasion on July 8, the fighters of the united Palestinian resistance have inflicted significant casualties on the invading Israeli forces.

In the armed struggle to defend their land, homes, families and communities, the Palestinian armed fighters have inflicted serious casualties on the Israeli invaders. Sixty-four Israeli military have died in armed encounters, while many scores have suffered major injuries. Tanks, armored personnel carriers and other Israeli military equipment have been destroyed or damaged.

The revolutionary Filipino people, who have been waging a revolutionary armed struggle for national and social liberation against US imperialism and local reactionaries for more than forty-five years, stand in firm solidarity with the Palestinian people in their resolute struggle for national self-determination, their right to their land and to live in freedom and peace with other peoples, free from US-Israeli occupation, oppression and exploitation..

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines salutes the heroic Palestinian people and their invincible will to fight for and win their freedom.