NDFP condemns imperialist war of aggression against Libya and the Libyan people

National Executive Committee
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

Why is there no “no fly zone” over Gaza?

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) vigorously condemns the imperialist war of aggression perpetrated by the US, UK, and France and their cohorts against Libya and the Libyan people.

Under the pretense of protecting the lives of Libyan civilians, these imperialist powers are violating the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya and are in the process of destroying the lives and property of the Libyan people. Deceptively declaring that they are undertaking a so-called humanitarian intervention, they repeat the imperialist wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They aim to set up a puppet government and take over control of Libya's rich oil, gas and other natural resources. For this purpose, they are coddling and supporting a traitorous and retrogressive opposition group that brandishes the flag of the former King Idris.

The imperialist powers collaborate with the Zionists in flouting UN resolutions. They refuse to lift a finger to save the lives of Palestinian civilians: the mothers, children, elderly who have been subjected to brutal and massive invasion and massacre by the Israeli armed forces in December 2008, January 2009 and to the present day.

Why is there no “no-fly-zone” over Gaza to protect the Palestinian victims of Israeli aggression?

Why, despite massive protest demonstrations in the US, UK and other countries worldwide, have these imperialist powers not done anything to stop the brutal Israeli attacks on the Palestinian civilian population and the Israeli bombardments on hospitals and medical clinics, schools and universities, mosques and public buildings?

Instead of the “no-fly-zone” which has opened the way for the current imperialist military intervention, the peace plan offered by President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and supported by Cuban leader Fidel Castro and four other Presidents of Latin America, which Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi has accepted, ought to be carried out. This peace plan has suggested former US President Jimmy Carter to lead the peace delegation. There is also the appeal of Qaddafi to the UN Security Council for an emergency session and for the UN to send a fact-finding mission to Libya.

These constructive proposals can avoid the human disaster that has taken place in Iraq as a result of the US-British led war of aggression and occupation, involving the death of over a hundred thousand people, the destruction of the civil infrastructure of the country, and the mass displacement of close to five million Iraqi refugees. The Western mass media should now make an honest reporting of the ongoing massive destruction of Libyan lives and property.

The imperialist war of aggression against Libya not only endangers the lives and safety of the Libyan people, it also causes grave danger to the many thousands of migrant workers who work and live in Libya. A special cause of concern for the NDFP is the safety of many thousands of Filipino workers. Among them are Filipino nurses who provide needed medical care to the population in the hospitals and medical centers in Libya.

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines, which condemns and opposes the increasing US military intervention in the Philippines, joins anti-imperialist and progressive forces throughout the world in vigorously condemning this latest imperialist war of aggression by the US, UK and France as a violation of the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya.

Immediately stop the war of aggression by imperialist powers against Libya!

Support all initiatives to settle the conflict peacefully!

Uphold the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya!

National Executive Committee
National Democratic Front of the Philippines