Nationwide outrage erupts against Gloria Arroyo’s congressional candidacy

By CPP Information Bureau

Other versions: Nakikiisa ang PKP sa pambansang galit sa pagkandidato ni Arroyo sa Kongreso bilang bahagi ng pakanang mangunyapit sa poder (Pilipino)

The Communist Party of the Philippines today joined the nationwide outrage at Gloria Arroyo's confirmation of her plans to extend her hold on power as she officially files her certficate of candidacy for representative of the second district of Pampanga.

The CPP said that some critics miss the main point when they simply interpret that Arroyo's plan to represent her home district in Pampanga after her term of office as president expires in June 2010 is motivated by a desire to enjoy congressional immunity from potential legal suits for numerous treason, plunder and human rights violations cases she has accumulated in practically a decade of rule.

"Arroyo's long-standing scheme actually involves grabbing a congressional seat in her home district as an initial step, maximizing her presidential powers to the hilt up to the last day of her official term to ensure her factotums' continued majority hold on Congress, making the next president merely transitionary and using all this as leverage to continue her Cha-cha scheme. The objective of the entire plot is for her to resume at the soonest time possible the top position of the national government, this time as prime minister under a new parliamentary system," the CPP pointed out.

Many keen observers have been pointing out that Arroyo's power perpetuation scheme is very similar to what Russia's former president Vladimir Putin did when he could no longer legally run for another term as president. Putin ran for parliament and put up a hand-picked successor, Dmitri Medvedev, to replace him as president. Medvedev's presidency was actually transformed into a virtual adjunct of the former president who continues to rule the Russian government, this time officially as prime minister.

The CPP termed as "Plan A" Arroyo's initial run for a congressional seat to push the Chacha scheme and eventually gun for the prime ministership.

"But in case, all this becomes too difficult for her and her power perpetration apparatus, Arroyo also has a 'Plan B' to extend her rule as 'transition president' with the use of 'emergency powers.' And that is precisely the reason for appointing as Defense Secretary in the person of the diehard clerico-fascist Norberto Gonzales, a perpetrator of the culture of impunity and outspoken advocate of Gloria's continuation in power under a 'transition regime', the CPP said further."

"All this means that the fight to oust Gloria Arroyo and her regime will not be over after her present term as 'bogus president' ends in June 2010," the CPP warned. "Whether her scheme to initially run for Congress and end up being prime minister pulls through or a 'failure of elections' scenario is resorted to as an excuse to force the extension of Arroyo's reign under 'emergency transition rule,' the Filipino people will have to continue their fight against the rotten, brutal and power-hungry ruling regime until it is finally ousted and made to pay for all its heinous crimes against the people."