National Security Adviser Gonzales is a malicious comic and congenital liar

Spokesperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel

National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales has utterly failed to provide in court any evidence for his false allegations that Prof. Jose Maria Sison is liable for acts of terrorism, rebellion and murder. But now by innuendo, he shamelessly proceeds to accuse Prof. Sison of being poised to order “another bloody purge” against those imagined by Gonzales himself as working for the ouster of Prof. Sison from a position that he does not occupy.

Gonzales is a malicious comic and congenital liar. He blames Prof. Sison for Kampanyang Ahos and other hysterical anti-informer campaigns which occured from 1984 to 1988. Prof. Sison had absolutely nothing to do with these. When these occurred, he was under maximum military detention and was subsequently abroad on a global university lecture tour. He condemned the aforesaid hysterical anti-informer campaigns in a book on the Philippine revolution, co-authored in 1988 with the German Dr. Rainer Werning, and in several articles and broadcasts in the 1990s.

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) exposed, criticized and repudiated the grave errors and crimes of the handful of renegades who had generated the anti-informer campaigns. For the purpose, it carried out the Second Great Rectification Movement from 1992 to 1998 in order to rectify and overcome those grave errors and crimes. In fact, the US imperialists and the Philippine reactionary government have hated and vilified Prof. Sison for supposedly inspiring the aforesaid rectification campaign of education which has further strengthened the CPP from 1992 to the present.

Following the lead of his boss Gonzales, General Avelino Razon, deputy director general of the National Security Council, persists in dishing out lies. Out of thin air, he invents the story that the CPP leader Gregorio (Ka Roger) Rosal and the anti-CPP leader Caridad Magpantay as having combined to form an anti-Sison faction within the CPP.

Like his boss Gonzales, General Razon persists in spreading the lie that Prof. Sison is enjoying a life of luxury, in order to obscure the fact that Prof. Sison has actually been banned from employment and deprived of social benefits for so many years already, and that it is the high officials of the Arroyo regime who enjoy a life of super-luxury and decadence, enriching themselves through corruption as they serve the foreign monopolies and local reactionary classes in oppressing and exploiting the Filipino people.

Gonzales and Razon have long collaborated in carrying out the so-called legal offensive of the Inter-Agency Legal Action Group whose purposes include the fabrication of false charges against unarmed social activists, setting them up as “enemies of the state” for either extrajudicial killing, torture or indefinite detention, and guaranteeing to the death squads legal cover and impunity. This latest attack on Prof. Sison could mean the further escalation of the duo’s collaborative evil scheme in seeking to harm him as well as in killing and disappearing activists.