Message of solidarity from the Party Red (Norway)


Message of solidarity to the Central Committee, Communist Party of the Phillipines, on the 40th Anniversary of its re-establishment on 26th December 2008

Dear Comrades,

Warmest greetings of solidarity from the party Red, Norway, on the occassion of 40th Anniversary of the re-establisment of Communist Party of the Philippines!


The CPP has been a buoy to secure an antiimperialist and revolutionary line in the protracted struggle against foreign interventions and feudal, dictatorial policy conducted by the national and local authorities in the Philippines, from the time of Marcos to the present Aroyyo -regime.

The party has combined the necessary building up of armed forces engaged in peoples war in a country like the Philippines, with a profound political and economical work based on broad alliances and linked to the masses. The crucial issues for the people on the ground level has been in the forefront in the diplomatic struggle of the Party. To secure a change in the socio-economic and political structure of the country is a precondition for a lasting peace-agreement.

On the international level, the CPP also has played great importance, in their sincere solidarity with other antiimperialist and revolutionary movements the world around as well as taking responsibilty in organizing network among workers and other progressive forces globally.

In political and ideological debates among communist and revolutionary parties and organisations, the CPP also has followed a principal, nonsectarian line, promoting unity based on equality.

Since the beginning of the 1990ties, the CPP also has played an important role on the arena of combining diplomatic work and conducting armed struggle. The NDF, including the CPP, has promoted a line contrary to the imperialist model of giving up armed struggle in advance of political and socio-economic changes. That is why the leading imperialist force, US imperialism, doesn't allow their puppets in the Philippines to follow up real negotiations. They are not only afraid they will loose their stronghold in the Philippines, but also afraid of the consequences other places.

Our party has learned a lot from a long lasting cooperation with the CPP. We hope this will continue also in the future, and are wishing the CPP, the leadership and the members, greater succeesses in your endavours for the benefit of the filippino as well as the peoples of the rest of the world.

December 22nd 2008
The Party Red, Norway
Arnljot Ask, responsible for international work