Message of Condolence from Marxistisch–Leninistische Partei Deutschlands

Dear comrades,

We are dismayed by the unexpected death of comrade Fidel Agcaoili. Our heartfelt condolences go to his widow, the children, to all comrades, relatives and friends.

Comrade Fidel Agcaoili was a steadfast and selfless revolutionary who played a leading role in the liberation struggle of the Filipino people for decades. He had been a member of the Central Committee of the CPP since 1970. He was the longest imprisoned political prisoner during the Marcos dictatorship. In the peace negotiations with the Philippine government, he recently headed the negotiating delegation of the NDFP. His death leaves a gap that can only be filled by younger comrades who come to remember him and draw their lessons from his life’s work.

We hold comrade Fidel in high esteem from many, many years of close cooperation and also knew him from challenging discussions. He was an educated man, very experienced internationalist and revolutionary.

We will honor his memory!