Message from the Communist Workers’ Party, Finland

ImagePolitical Committee, Communist Workers' Party

Honoured professor comrade Jose Maria Sison

With high respect for your activities as a fighter in the revolutionary movement in favour of the Philippine people we are indeed happy to congratulate You on your 70th anniversary day. Your inspiring activity which has lasted decades at the head of the peoples’ liberation movement and the communist party has given strength and fighting enthusiasm against the oppressors.

Because of your persistent activities in organizing the peoples’ uprisings against imperialism and feudalism you have deserved support and the honour of an exemplary fighter of the revolutionary movement. Your theoretical marxism-leninism knowledge and the active revolutionary fighters’ experiences have guided your revolutionary activities. This knowledge you have also always wanted to distribute to the people, where you had been obliged to live.

We wish you comrade Jose Maria Sison good health and strength in your struggle against capitalism, for the liberation of nations and for socialism. In this struggle we are with you.

Yours respectfully!

Hannu Harju
Chairnman, Communist Workers’ Party