Message from Grassroots Women (MB)

On the anniversary of Professor Jose Maria Sison’s 50 years of service to the Filipino people and the people of the world!


Grassroots Women (MB) wish to express our complete admiration and appreciation for the courageous and visionary leadership of Professor Jose Maria Sison. We join with all struggling people to commemorate and celebrate 50 years of class struggle and service to the peoples of the Philippines and the entire world.

Grassroots Women (MB) recognizes that Professor Sison’s leadership has come at a great sacrifice; both personally and professionally. It is that tremendous sacrifice that distinguishes the revolutionary commitment of Comrade Sison and his family and we are individually and collectively inspired by his leadership to continue to in the struggle toward liberation, both at home and abroad.

Professor Sison – Grassroots Women (MB) wish you good health and good spirit as you mark these two noteworthy milestones; 50 years of a life lived in the best of struggles and of course, the anniversary of your birth. It is with tremendous respect for your remarkable and passionate contribution to justice and peace that Grassroots Women (MB) salutes you and honours you at this time.

Long Live Revolutionary Leadership!

Long Live the International!

Long Live the International League for Peoples' Struggles!

Victory to the Philippine Revolution!