Martial Law scenario: Those monstrous and widespread bombings

Spokesperson, NDFP in North Central Mindanao

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The pervasiveness of recent bombings, is part and parcel of martial law scenario of the power-hungry Gloria Arroyo for her to stay beyond 2010. She is now orchestrating the three options of amending the reactionary constitution, a no-election scenario and proclaiming martial rule. But since the first two are tasting sour, she opted to laying the groundwork for the declaration of martial law: creation of a situation that will create widespread panic.

It can be recalled that just last March this year, 6th Infantry Division spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Ponce warned of a series of bombings late this year supposedly to be perpetrated by "MILF rogue elements and Jemaah Islamiyah." Subsequently "Oplan August Moon" cropped up, the alleged military plot of 1978 batch of PMA generals designed to keep Gloria Arroyo in power.

Last June National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales opined that a transition government under a military junta be established prior to amending the reactionary constitution. And just recently he was overheard on radio threatening "not to piss off" Malacanang lest it employs its "iron fist" meaning a declaration of martial rule.

But to have sufficient and valid reasons in declaring martial law there ought to be a frightening and alarming situation to cause widespread panic among the populace. And presto! With these widespread and indiscriminate bombings in Quezon City, Jolo, Iligan City, Davao and Manticao, Misamis Oriental the people grew restless and panicky. The people's minds are now conditioned the validity of declaring martial law just like what Marcos did in the 70's. With this, Gloria Arroyo hoped she can evade accountability of the crimes of corruption, extrajudicial killings, enforced adisappearances and other human rights violations.

US-Arroyo regime typifies a despotic government terrorizing its own people and organizations critical to its adminstration in its desperate effort to preserve its class dominations.

But all things have all their limits. Not all times are for Gloria Arroyo. This is one universal law she cannot circumvent. Just like to what have happened to deposed presidents of other countries Gloria Arroyo is likely to suffer the same fate because the people have had enough of her to remain in power. If she declares martial law she would face head-on the raging fury of an enraged people and the unstoppable advance of the armed revolution just like to what have happened in the First Quarter Storm of the 70's and the subsequent EDSA in 1986 and 2001. Declaration of martial rule just like Marcos' fate would signal the political demise of Gloria Arroyo.