Lt. Gen. Maclang’s men killed a civilian, not an NPA

Ka Tipon Gil-ayab
Spokesperson, Lejo Cawilan Command
New People's Army – Kalinga

On April 2, a platoon of soldiers from the 21st IB and the 77th IB from Dupag, Tabuk, and another platoon from Cagaluan, Pasil launched combat operations in Dupag, Tabuk. On the evening of April 3, these platoons converged at Tanglag, Lubuagan. They proceeded to Mabongtot the next day where they met Rey Lugao who was on his way to the tribe's communal pastureland to tend his family's carabao. He had with him a hunting rifle. The soldiers investigated and tried to force him to admit that he was an NPA guerrilla. They hit him repeatedly trying to force the innocent teenager to point to the location of NPA camps. Not getting any information, the trigger-happy soldiers shot him to death and took his gun. His body bore several gunshot wounds.

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