Liberation International, January – June 2014

LI jun2014 coverNPA@45: Global support intensifies for People’s War

By Jose Emilio Jacinto III
and Roselle Valerio

On 29 March 1969, the New People’s Army was established under the absolute command of the Communist Party of the Philippines, in order to advance and complete the people’s democratic revolution against US imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. Forty five years on, Filipino revolutionaries have overcome the most violent forms of reaction, including 14 years of the Marcos fascist dictatorship and the successive post-Marcos pseudo-democratic regimes, persevered and scored victories in the People’s War.

Other stories:

  • Victorious offensives greet NPA 45th anniversary
  • Filipinos in Europe vow bigger support for NPA
  • CPP leaders’ arrest spurs global condemnation
  • CPP and Prof. Sison on the territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea
  • US, EU stir trouble in Ukraine, Cut back Russian power
  • Venezuela needs thoroughgoing revolution
  • Massive protests mark World Cup 2014

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