KOE salutes the advance of the Philippine Revolution

International Relations Department
Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)

Dear Friends and Comrades,

We convey to you all, and especially to Comrade Joma, the salute of the Communist Organization of Greece / KOE (member of the Coalition of Radical Left / SYRIZA), confident that you are indeed striving in order to advance the Philippine Revolution to a higher stage. Such an advance shall offer the Filipino People a real relief from its actual suffering, while at the same time it will constitute a further and concrete encouragement for the Greek People’s ongoing struggles against the same enemies, the imperialist forces and the capitalist bandits.

Our common enemies, who have taken in Greece the form of the IMF-EU-ECB Troika, and enjoy the unconditional submissiveness of their local lackeys, are actually stripping Greece off the last remnants of Democracy, Sovereignty and Dignity, causing a severe humanitarian crisis within the EU and threatening the very survival of broad popular masses. On the other hand, the Greek People is not only resisting but, through the strengthening of SYRIZA, is fighting for a deep political change that will pave a new perspective and shall inspire successful popular struggles all over Europe – hence the hate and the attacks of the German-dominated EU establishment against SYRIZA, who threatens their criminal policies.

Dear Friends and Comrades,

We hope that despite the increasing objective difficulties, we shall be able to further develop our long standing fraternal relations and our mutual solidarity. The history and the present of the Philippine Revolution, thanks to the resolution and the sacrifice of thousands of militants, is a great source of inspiration for the revolutionaries around the world. Moreover, the combative and at the same time true humanitarian spirit of the NDFP, of its mass organizations and of its armed wing, the NPA, and their sincere dedication in the service of the masses, are great examples for us all. We witness these qualities time and again, the last case being your relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in the regions affected by the disastrous Yolanda typhoon.

At the same time, we witness the shameless policy of the Aquino regime, which concentrates all its “efforts” not in the relief of the suffering masses, but on the attacks against the NDFP. Even after the Yolanda typhoon, and while the NPA had declared and strictly observed a unilateral ceasefire, the Aquino regime did not hesitate to continue its infamous and barbaric “counter-insurgency operations”. The most recent episode of this shameless policy has been the illegal arrest of Benito Tiamzon and Wilma Austria, senior leaders of the Communist Party of the Philippines, together with five other comrades last 22 March. We condemn this act and we demand that the Philippines’ government ceases the continuous violation of the official agreements between itself and the NDFP, concerning the peace talks and the immunity of the NDFP consultants.