Killing of school teacher attributed to NPA untrue; extortionist in Southeast Samar exposed

Spokesperson, Sergio Lobina Command
New People's Army – Eastern Samar

The Sergio Lobina Command of the New People's Army in Eastern Samar today slammed the military for attributing an alleged killing in Oras town to the NPA. "We are not aware of the so-called murder of Baltazar Gubala last Dec. 17 and it definitely wasn't done by the NPA," said Ka Rubio Manggubat, SLC spokesperson.

"The NPA had never even heard of Gubala, said to be a teacher at the Oras Agricultural School. More importantly, the revolutionary justice system does not carry out extrajudicial killings like the Arroyo regime's record of more than 1,000 political killings.

The revolutionary justice system observes due process in gathering evidence, apprehending the accused, prosecution and trial under the people's court, and rendering judgment. Whenever possible, the accused if found guilty is given the chance to mend his ways . Capital punishment is very rare indeed; arbitration to solve conflicts among the people, and lesser penalties such as temporary exile and barrio detention, are the norm."

Manggubat also warned the public about Dodong Valbuena, a politician's henchman and extortionist in Southeast Samar who is using the name of Fr. Santiago Salas, spokesperson of the National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas.

"Valbuena is a former NPA member who became a fugitive after murdering a civilian and attached himself to a politician as an armed goon. He is known to go around the towns of Giporlos, Salcedo and Quinapondan, soliciting from small businessmen and other people in the name of Fr. Salas. He is also believed to be involved in armed robberies such as in Quinapondan.

"The public is advised to avoid Dodong Valbuena and to inform the nearest NPA unit if aware of of his whereabouts so he can be arrested and face the charges against him."