Joma’s ideas feed the struggle of the oppressed masses”: Jose Ma. Sison’s last annual selected writings and the “Ka Joma study movement” launched

Press Release

NDFP International Information Office

4 February 2023

Prof. Jose Ma. Sison’s last annual selected writings before he passed away last December 16, 2022 in Utrecht, The Netherlands titled “The Filipino People’s Democratic Revolution is Invincible (Selected Writings 2022)”, was launched today at the NDFP International Information Office and was attended and viewed via Zoom by more than 160 people from the Philippines and around the world.

Also launched today was the book “Ka Joma Lives: Tributes and Condolences” – an initial collection of messages and tributes honoring Ka Joma, from Communist Parties, other political parties and progressive organizations and personalities, government officials from the Philippines and abroad, friends, and the Communist Party of the Philippines, its regional committees, units of the New People’s Army nationwide and NDFP member organizations and representatives.

Julie De Lima, who edited Ka Joma’s series of selected writings, and who is also chairperson of the NDFP Peace Panel, also announced during the book launching, the series of activities and plans in connection with the launching of a “study movement” to propagate the teachings of Ka Joma.

The study movement will be formally launched on February 8 this year to coincide with Ka Joma’s 84th birthday.

From February 8 this year until Feb 8, 2024, the activities will include the publication of the five-volume Selected Works of Ka Joma, publication of the “Basic Principles of Marxism-Leninism: A Primer” in English and Pilipino , the launching of a series of lectures and seminars on the different aspects of Ka Joma’s teachings on – the semi-colonial, semifeudal system in the Philippines, neocolonial rule of the US in the Philippines, the national democratic solution to the basic problems of the Filipino people, the armed struggle as a right of the oppressed people against tyranny, and the NDF and the people’s democratic government.

This study movement, she stated, will culminate with a massive rally on February 4, 2024, the 85th birthday of Ka Joma mobilizing hundreds of thousands nationwide in the Philippines and abroad.

The different book reviewers spelled out how Ka Joma’s writings reflected the importance of the firm combination of theory and practice in the revolutionary struggle, as exemplified by Ka Joma himself.

During the portion “What comes to mind about Ka Joma’s legacy” video interviews of young activists from the US and Canada stated, among others, the militant national-democratic movement and struggle, the importance of theory and practice, the honing of revolutionary skills and knowledge of young activists to effectively participate in revolutionary change, and that the fight for a better world is still possible. They pledged their firm commitment to take on more revolutionary tasks to achieve victory to the people’s democratic revolution.

During the open forum, Ka Julie, stressed the importance of popularizing the writings and teachings of Ka Joma, institutionalizing these in educational institutions, libraries, and the people’s schools. She also underlined the role of the strong solidarity movement for the Philippine struggle in propagating Ka Joma’s vision for national and social liberation, and the victory of the Filipino people’s democratic revolution.

Militant cultural performances which included revolutionary songs and readings of Ka Joma’s poems were also among the highlights of the book launchings.#