Japan Communist League congratulates Communist Party of the Philippines

To: The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines

Dear comrades,

We, the Central Committee of Japan Communist League (JCL) would like to extend our revolutionary congratulations to all comrades of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the reestablishment of CPP.

When we observe the present situation of the world, it is quite clear that global imperialism, its followers, and puppet governments are facing serious crisis economically, politically and militarily. They can’t find any solution to get out of this crisis. It means now is the very time for all workers and oppressed people in the world to fight and overthrow the enemies.

In the Philippines, the only way for GMA government to prolong its life is to suppress people’s struggle, which turned to be in vain. GMA government has been given counterattacks by Filipino people and will be deserted by US imperialism. On the other hand, revolutionary movement and Filipino people’s struggle led by CPP and NPA is advancing day by day. We hope it won’t be long before their final victory. We appreciate your initiative in the global people’s movement and are grateful to have joint struggle with Filipino people against our common enemies.

In Japan also, toiling workers, oppressed people, and the destitute is increasing in number under the present depression. A lot of Japanese workers are getting in need to survive. Thus, there will be no choice for most of Japanese workers but to fight against capitalist class. Encouraged by the militant people’s persistent struggle in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, we will strengthen our progressive forces to overthrow Japanese imperialism under the current situation. And we want to construct new society, new world for workers and oppressed people in cooperation with all the fighting people in the world.

Long live the fraternal solidarity relation between CPP and JCL!

Long live our proletarian internationalism!

The Central Committee of Japan Communist League (JCL)