Gloria Arroyo goes to Congress: brazen to the core

Spokesperson, NDFP – Southern Mindanao

The National Democratic Front in Southern Mindanao calls as brazen to the core the latest bid of Ms. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to overextend her stay in power by pining for the House Speakership via a congressional seat in her hometown in Pampanga. The move is despicable for the thousands of victims of her fascist rule, for the more than 50 victims of a massacre executed and masterminded in cold-blood by an Arroyo vassal-warlord, the Ampatuan clan.

By seeking the protective political and legal cover of the reactionary Congress, Mrs. Arroyo affirms her guilt over many large-scale corruption cases and over a thousand cases of extrajudicial and political killings committed by her regime.

Her extreme hunger for power and sheer tenacity to escape accountability for all the crimes against the people perpetrated by her regime has pushed her to do unprecedented things: from electoral cheating to supporting political warlords, promoting worst human rights violators like Jovito Palparan and now running for an inferior position in the reactionary legislative branch to push her Charter Change scheme and eventually rule again.

It is utterly shameless for Mrs. Arroyo to claim that serving is in her DNA as she miserably failed the people in all fronts. The masses in Pampanga and all over the country must stop her from holding on to power. Instead, she and her minions must be prosecuted for all crimes against the people which were committed under her nearly a decade of fascist and corrupt rule.