Global day of action

Support the Filipino people’s struggle for people’s peace through people’s war!
Condemn state terrorism perpetrated by the US-Marcos Regime!
Condemn the US aggression in the Philippines!

The Filipino people yearn for genuine peace that is based on self-reliance, self-determination and genuine democracy where the majority of the people enjoy their rights as a people. Thus, even more than a hundred years later after the Cry of Pugad Lawin, the Filipino peoples’ struggle continues through a new type of revolution – the people’s democratic revolution – participated in by thousands of revolutionaries from the National Democratic Front and its allied organizations. Through the people’s war, the Filipino people lay the ground to a genuinely sovereign, nationally industrialized country governed by a people’s democratic government.

“Support the militant struggle of the Filipino people!”
“People’s war is for people’s peace!”
“Stop the bombings in the Philippines!”
“We support the Filipino aspiration: National Liberation against US imperialism!”
“Revolutionaries are not terrorists!”

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When: Saturday August 26, 2023
Where: Moira Exporiment, Wolvenstraat 10, 3512 CH, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Time: 16:00