FIRE congratulates Jose Maria Sison on his 50 years of service to the people

ImageBy Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment

Warm militant salutations to all in attendance to today's celebration!

FiRE (Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment), a Filipino women's national democratic organization based in New York City and a member organization of GABRIELA Philippines, congratulates and recognizes Jose Maria Sison on his 50 years of service to the National Democratic Movement in the Philippines. Sison is a poet, proletarian, patriot, and fighter for human rights. His enthusiasm and never-ending dedication to the Filipino people has provided guidance on the path for genuine democracy and freedom of the Philippines. From his leading force in the creation of revolutinary mass organizations and his invaluable concrete analysis of the conditions of Philippine society, he has built a firm foundation for a long and sustainable people's movement. As Filipino women, we appreciate his 50 years of contribution towards building with the women's liberation movement in the Philippines by his writings and constant promotion for women's rights.

Although, Sison has been in political exile in the Netherlands thousands of miles away from his homeland for 20 years, and has been blacklisted as a terrorist by the U.S. and Philippine authorities for his unrelentless criticism of the neocolonial forces, he still commits to serving the Filipino people by being consultant for the NDFP Peace Panel Negotiations and writing statements and providing a rich resource of wisdom and knowledge on the ND movement and current situations. Often in our work, we have looked towards his guidance to gain a clearer and critical position on the crises of the weakening global capitalist system. His insights on US imperialis from afar have been reassuring confirmations to our local analysis within the belly of the imperialist beast. His works, especially Philippine Society, and Revolution, since 1969, have enlightened progressives and activists far and wide. For us, Filipino American women organizers, this lasting document has helped us understand the importance and impetus of change in our society.

He has truly served not only the people in the Philippines, but the entire international community by being chair of International League of People's Struggles. Sison's work has been a shining light and example to a true internationalism that we look towards to build local, national and international alliances. During this particular historical and political moment in the ever deteriorating capitalist system, now more than ever, it is imperative to make sure that a global resistance uniting the oppressed people of the world is connected and binded together as an impermeable force against capitalism, imperialism and feudalism.

Jose Maria Sison has been in this struggle for 50 years and has been a sign of hope for the national democratic movement in the Philippines and people's movements across the world. He has provided essential knowledge and guidance to further challenge the ills and challenges of our society. With his sharpness and great leadership, there is a chance for a true people-led democratic society.

FiRE applauds Sison's dedication and commitment to the national democratic movement, he is a role model that we should emulate as organizers activists, community leaders and human beings. We wish him a beautiful celebraton and our warmes greetings of militant solidarity!




Maraming salamat at isulong!

Sisters of Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment