On the fake news of an encounter between the NPA and the Philippine Army on March 15 in Barangay Itok

The statement of the 9th ID, Philippine Army (PA), that a member of the New People’s Army was killed and the PA was able to confiscate arms, bullets and personal belongings during an encounter in Sitio Public, Barangay Itok, Capalonga this Wednesday, March 15, 2017 is a huge lie.

There was no encounter between the Philippine Army and any unit of the Armando Catapia Command of the New People’s Army in Camarines Norte. This was also refuted by the residents of Barangay Itok. According to the initial investigation, a civilian farmer by the name of Obina (last name) was accused as being a member of the NPA and was executed by elements of the 9th ID, under a certain Sgt. Hernandez, in Barangay Mactang, a nearby barrio.

This act of violence is part of the unjust all-out war under the bogus Oplan Kapayapaan (Operation Peace) of the Duterte regime. According to the revolutionary newspaper Ang Bayan, since the declaration of Oplan Ka­pa­ya­pa­an, a minimum of 3 farmers per week have been slain by the state’s armed forces.

Like the past operational plans of the previous regimes, this proves that the fascist government has complete disregard for the lives of innocent civilians. As a matter of fact, false accusation and execution of civilians has long been a part of the terrorist mode of operations of the Philippine Army to instill fear in the common people, in its futile and failed target of steering away the people from the revolutionary movement. It is also part of the hustle of submitting reports of so-called “successful” operations, so as to cover up their failure in defeating the NPA.

The Armando Catapia Command condemns this terrorist act. We call upon the people, including the local media and human rights advocates, to demand truth from the 9th ID, under Maj. Gen. Manolito P.Orense, and the 902nd Infantry Brigade, under Brig. Gen. Rolando C. Manalo, the one who submitted the false report. Expose the truth and fight for justice for the slain farmer and his family.

Carlito Cada
Armando Catapia Command
New People’s Army – Camarines Norte