ELEGY from the peasant army, NPA, for Comrade Parago

After 37 years in struggle, you are finally laid to rest.
Comrade, teacher, friend.
Our warrior and our leader.
Defender of the oppressed.
The people’s beloved son.
You taught us who we really are:
That we are the makers of history
And united, we can change the world
And build a life where no man
Is beholden to another because
He holds the power to the land
Or arrogates the riches to himself
A world where man is truly free.
You gave us the gift of hope.

37 years of serving the people
and you are finally laid to rest
Can the mountains ever forget you?
Can the enemy arrogate the bases
And formations that we have built?
Can they delete the history of battles?
Can they erase the scars or douse the fire
that burns in the hearts of the oppressed?
How dare to think that the enemy
can kill you with guns and bullets
or with glib talk and false promises?
No they can never kill nor silence
37 years of serving the people.

And you are finally laid to rest
Our very own peasant warrior.
Truly we shall miss you. Each day
you were with us, empowered us.
Tireless, selfless, always ready to help
And never thinking of a reward.
We shall always cherish you, and
The warriors of your kind.
You gave us the gift of hope.
In the long rough road of people’s war
Your footprints will be our map
That will take us to victory.

-New People’s Army
Southern Mindanao Regional Command