Duterte’s “Revolutionary ” Government is but a Fascist Dictatorship

We highly condemn any scheme of the Duterte regime to declare a “revolutionary government” in order to push for charter change and extend his dictatorial powers in this time of Covid crisis. Recently, Duterte’s minions have again made noise and called for the president to declare a “revolutionary government” in order to solve the nation’s problems on drugs, crime and corruption immediately. Duterte though through his apologist spokesperson Harry Roque denied that the president was behind this hullabaloo and is not his priority, even though it is very obvious that Duterte is very much hungry to declare a “revolutionary government.” Duterte is indeed doing desperate actions, staging rallies of his paid minions posing as his “supporters,” where in fact the Filipino people already wants to oust him. His “revolutionary government” is in no way revolutionary, but a fascist dictatorship. All what he have always wanted is to grab all powers of the government into his own hands. For the past years, he was not able to solve the nation’s problems, in contrary has only worsened, despite all the extended powers given to him by his puppets in Congress. 

The genuine revolutionary government is the people’s democratic government being established in the countryside by the basic masses of workers and peasants, together with the other democratic classes and sectors, under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines. Under the people’s democratic government, the people themselves exercise genuine democracy and implement programs such as agrarian reform,  basic social services, and rural economic development. They can enjoy a life far much better than what they are suffering from this semi-colonial and semi-feudal society.