Disinformation designed to cover-up extra-judicial executions

By NDFP Committee on Human Rights

NDFP HR chairman says "The stage is being set by Arroyo regime for more human rights violations in the run up to the May elections."

Fidel V. Agcaoili, Chairman of the Human Rights Monitoring Committee of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), today lambasted the clerico-fascist Norberto Gonzales, Secretary of the Department of National Defense (DND) of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP), for engaging in disinformation in an attempt to support the regime's plan to intensify human rights violations, especially extra-judicial killings, in the run up to the coming May elections.

Gonzales earlier ordered the implementation of the DND's "final phase plan to crush" the revolutionary movement. Agcaoili called the plan "the pipe dream of a delusional clerico-fascist whose days in power are numbered and who is in hysterics over the recent successful tactical offensives of the New People's Army (NPA)".

Agcaoili condemned the intrigue of Gonzales and his disinformation office — the Civil Relations Service (CRS) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) — about imagined rifts within the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the NPA as "another psywar fiction designed to facilitate the scheme to intensify extra-judicial killings of activists and even political oppositionists by AFP and the Philippine National Police (PNP) death squads."

"This lie peddled earlier by Gonzales and Gen. Hermogenes Esperon, Jr. was described by Prof. Philip Alston, the United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur for extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, as a 'cynical attempt to displace responsibility … for the large numbers of leftist activists turning up dead because of alleged internal purges' in the revolutionary movement," Agcaoili pointed out.

"Gonzales and his minions in the AFP are setting the stage for a new round of extrajudicial killings. In the last few weeks, we have witnessed the killings of supporters of different parties by assassins on motorcycles in the vicinity of AFP and PNP detachments," Agcaoili observed.

"It is ominous that Gonzales and his minions in the CRS are resorting to disinformation of alleged rifts in the revolutionary movement in the run up to the May 2010 elections. The regime of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo through Gonzales is certainly up to no good in the forthcoming elections," Agcaoili said.

"The climate of fear and terror that is being generated by the lies of Gonzales and his fascist stalwarts in the AFP and the security forces is a prelude to the possible declaration of failure of elections and the continued stay in power of Arroyo and her coterie of war criminals," Agcaoili concluded.

Chairperson, NDFP Committee on Human Rights
Co-chairperson, GRP-NDFP Joint Monitoring Committee