CPP sympathizes with families of Filipino workers to be executed in China

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today expressed sympathy with the families and friends of three Filipino migrant workers who are set to be executed today in China for drug trafficking.

"The planned execution today of Ramon Credo, Elizabeth Batain and Sally Ordinario-Villanueva underscores the plight of millions of Filipino migrant workers who daily suffer grave hardships in different parts of the globe," said the CPP.

The three Filipinos were convicted by Chinese courts for smuggling heroin into China at various times in 2008. They were originally set to be executed February 20 but were granted a brief stay of execution after an appeal by the Philippine government.

"The three Filipinos are victims of a system that has pushed millions to desperate straits," said the CPP. "They suffer extremely exploitative and oppressive conditions in foreign lands because of the lack of domestic employment opportunities."

"They then become easy prey to international and domestic criminal syndicates who are in cahoots with immigration officials who exploit their desperation."

"The Filipino people are dismayed at the failure of the Aquino regime to provide prompt and competent legal and consular assistance and undertake the necessary diplomatic measures to save the lives of Ramon, Elizabeth and Sally," added the CPP. "With Aquino's blunders in his diplomatic relations with China since the Manila hostage-taking incident in August 2010, he is not in any position to assert the interests of the migrant Filipinos."