CPP scores “colossal stupidity and incompetence” in Manila bus hostage incident

By CPP Information Bureau
24 August 2010

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today expressed sympathy with the victims of yesterday's hostage-taking in Manila, and joined nationwide and international indignation at the "colossal stupidity and incompetence" of police and government officials in the handling of the incident that led to unnecessary bloodshed.

At least nine people were killed, including the hostage-taker, former police captain Reynaldo Mendoza. The eight others were Chinese nationals on a vacation tour in Manila. Reports that some of the hostages were killed or wounded by police fire during the assault are being looked into.

Mendoza commandeered the bus used for the tour early morning yesterday in a desperate attempt to draw attention to his demand to be reinstated in the Philippine National Police (PNP). He was dismissed from the police force in February 2009 after charges of extortion were filed against him. He claimed that due process was denied him in the case.

"Colossal police incompetence was highlighted in almost every aspect of the hostage crisis," pointed out the CPP.

"Government and police officials failed to draw out the hostage-taker through negotiations. Police actions, including the arrest of his brother and nephew later in the day, only drew the ire of the hostage-taker and made worse the situation," said the CPP. "The fumbled police assault resulted in unnecessary bloodshed."

"The Filipino people are dismayed at the monumental foul-ups and deplore the incompetence and stupidities of government and police in handling the hostage crisis."

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