CPP expresses solidarity with 12 June anti-corruption rally

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today expressed solidarity with the organizers of the anti-corruption protest actions scheduled tomorrow that is expected to draw in large numbers of people seeking to hold Benigno Aquino III accountable for widespread corruption under his regime.

The 12 June rally is being organized by the Scrap Pork Network, a broad alliance of organizations and personalities who have been calling for the abolition of both the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

Both the PDAF and the DAP have been used by Aquino as leverage to influence senators, congressmen and local government officials to hew to Aquino’s political agenda. The Supreme Court recently declared the PDAF as unconstitutional but has yet to issue a decision on the DAP.

“The CPP and all revolutionary forces fully support the 12 June demonstration against the corrupt Aquino regime. The anti-corruption demonstration is an expression of the Filipino people’s disgust over the Aquino regime’s false claims of ‘good governance’ and ‘righteous path’ while a few big oligarchs and big bureaucrat capitalists wallow in scandalous profits from government contracts and other privileges amid widespread poverty, unemployment and landlessness among the toiling masses of workers and peasants.”

“The Filipino people condemn the corruption of the Aquino regime in the use of pork barrel funds for political patronage, in favoring big oligarchs in awarding government contracts under the Public-Private Partnership Program, in running smuggling and other criminal syndicates and in covering up the culpability of Aquino and his key officials,” pointed out the CPP.

“The Filipino people are increasingly indignant as information regarding the direct involvement of Aquino and his key officials in the pork barrel scam and other cases of corruption are revealed,” said the CPP. “Aquino himself has revealed his close acquaintance with Janet Lim Napoles when he publicized the letter from the pork barrel scam queen marked as having been received by the Malacañang Personal Office, which, according to protocol, only receives personal correspondences to the president.”

“It is propitious that the demonstration against the corruption of the Aquino regime is being held on 12 June which marks the 116th anniversary of the declaration of Philippine national independence,” said the CPP. “It is also appropriate for the Filipino people to raise the banner of patriotism and counter the unprecedented puppetry of the Aquino regime marked by heightened US military presence and interventionism in the country and the drive towards the complete surrender of Philippine national patrimony to foreign big business interests.”

“The Filipino people stand on solid ground in demanding the ouster of the Aquino regime and in calling for the establishment of a provisional transitory council that will be comprised of personalities of repute and integrity from various democratic groups, the bureaucracy, the academe and other sectors,” said the CPP.