CPP denounces Aquino high-profile “anti-terror” scare tactics, power-tripping and muscle-flexing

CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) denounced the Aquino regime for employing and orchestrating high-profile “anti-terror” scare tactics as an excuse to engage in power-tripping and muscle-flexing.

Orchestrated by Benigno Aquino himself, the Philippine government revealed an alleged terror plot against a large Catholic religious procession today in the center of Manila.

To supposedly prevent ‘terrorists’ from remotely detonating a device using a cellular phone, Aquino ordered all tele-communication companies to cut all cellular phone services in several areas of Manila.


“Cutting cellular communication lines is actually a counterproductive measure as it would prevent people from rapidly transmitting information had there been an actual threat,” said the CPP. “Furthermore, cutting cellular phone lines would not have prevented someone with basic bomb-making skills from attaching an explosive device to a small timer.” The CPP pointed out that a few days ago, the police itself reported that a bomb was detonated in a town in Jolo, Sulu using a wristwatch as a timing device.

“There are widespread doubts that there was a ‘terror threat’ at all,” said the CPP. “There is the observation that today’s power-tripping and muscle-flexing by the Aquino regime is in preparation for the possible eruption of a political crisis and the imposition of emergency measures in the future.”