CPP debunks Armed Forces of the Philippines recycled psywar tactics

CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today lambasted as a "worn-out psywar spin" the claims made by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) that there is an impending split within the CPP-NPA leadership.

AFP Civil Relations Service chief Gen. Francisco Cruz said in a recent statement that "a 'third split' in the CPP-NPA leadership… (is) in the offing (and) is caused by differences in strategy… and has something to do with the May 10 elections." General Cruz further claimed that some members of the CPP leadership pursue the Maoist strategy of armed struggle, while others see elections and peace talks as an opportunity to grab state power.

The CPP dismissed all this as "pure fabrication and intrigue," saying that "no one in the CPP, the NPA and the entire revolutionary movement, much less in the leadership, carries the simplistic notion that revolutionary armed struggle and parliamentary struggle are anathema to each other. There is no conflict in stategy and tactics within the leadership and ranks of the CPP and the entire revolutionary movement."

"The entire CPP and the national-democratic revolutionary movement under its leadership are one in the conviction that it is revolutionary armed struggle that will guarantee the eventual victory of the revolutionary movement and the attainment of fundamental social change given the basically intractable and brutal character of the prevailing decadent semicolonial and semifeudal government, state and system."

The CPP clarified further that "The entire revolutionary movement welcomes and persistently works for the attainment of substantive or even tactical gains for the revolution and the Filipino people through peace talks, parliamentary struggle and all other forms of legal struggle, without at any moment abandoning or relegating to secondary status the revolutionary armed struggle."

The CPP dismissed the AFP-CRS chief's statements as "intrigues concocted in the face of the armed revolutionary movement's continued advance."