CPP criticizes Aquino government’s proposed 2011 “counter-insurgency” budget

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today sternly criticized the P1.64 trillion budget proposal of the Aquino government for 2011 calling it "a counterinsurgency budget." The CPP pointed out its "counterinsurgency" framework and priority, especially as it gives first place to beefing up the military and other state security agencies alongside debt servicing.

The CPP pointed to the "unprecedented 81% increase" in the budget for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), "a clear endorsement of the fascist terror being sown by the military in its counter-revolutionary war of suppression."

"Aquino is doubling the budget of the AFP in complete disregard of its gross violations of human rights, notably the ten year bloody Oplan Bantay Laya   military campaign," said the CPP. "Aquino's proposed 2011 budget is principally a 'counter-insurgency' budget framed in accordance with the US Counterinsurgency Guide," said the CPP. "He has only shown utter contempt for the plight of hundreds of thousands of victims of military abuses, including those who have been extrajudicially killed, forcibly abducted and disappeared, illegally detained, tortured, harassed, forcibly evacuated from their homes and terrorized by military and other armed agents of the state."

The CPP also berated the Malacañang's 2011 budget proposal for "giving highest priority for debt servicing, its privatization and 'market liberalization' program, and more venues for corruption, but giving low priority for much-needed social subsidies and other essential public services."

"Aquino's budget promotes privatization and market liberalization," said the CPP. "It adheres to the imperialist International Monetary Fund-imposed rule to allocate at least a third of the national government's budget to foreign debt payments, giving P823.27 billion which represents a 29.2% increase from 2010. It has also allocated P27.1 billion to support its Public-Private Partnership program."

"In order to afford increasing budgetary allocations for its antipeople priorities, the US-Aquino government has chosen to cut the budget of vital social services," said the CPP. It noted the slashing of the education budget to P172 billion from P174 billion this year which is at least P100 billion short of the required budget to address shortages in teachers, classrooms and other facilities. The CPP also pointed to the 20% cut from the budget of the University of the Philippines and the 24% cut from the budget of the Philippine Normal University.

The proposed budget for health services has also been slashed from P40 billion to P38.6 billion. Contrary to his promises, the budget of Philhealth has been cut by a third from this year's from P5.17 billion to only P3.5B for 2011. Half a billion pesos is also be taken away from the government's family planning program.

Justices and other court personnel are decrying and even threatening a "judicial revolt" in the face of Malacañang's snub of their proposal for a P27.7 billion budget. Instead, the Aquino government reduced the judiciary's budget by P1 billion–from this year's P14.3 billion to next year's P13.3 billion. The budget of the Commission on Human Rights was also slashed from P285 million this year to P266 million.

"The US-Aquino government has also cut budgetary allocations for agriculture and agrarian reform by 26%, water resources development and flood control by 21.4%, power and energy by 65.5% and communications and transportation by 5.2%," pointed out the CPP. "All this will redound to the further deterioration of economic support and services, and further subjecting the people to the whims of private corporate interests."

"Following imperialist neoliberal dictates to do away with public subsidies and instead promote privatization and 'market libelization,' the puppet regime has also chosen to completely do away with P8 billion in rice subsidies allocated to the National Food Authority in support of local farm production and affordability for consumers," said the CPP.

"The 123% increase in the budget of the Department of Social Work and Development (DSWD) is being done to make the puppet regime appear generous to the 'poorest of the poor'." Of the DSWD's P34.146 billion 2011 budget, 85.50% will go to cash and other doleouts under the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (PPPP) and its Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program.

The CPP said that "The DSWD's dole-out program aims to make the government appear concerned for the poor with the aim of drawing them away from the path of resistance and revolution. Not only will this cash doleout program fail to address the real problems of the people, it is actually another big venue for corruption as there is no strict auditing in the disbursement of cash."

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